Database Management



Brister Software is qualified to create database systems that can be used on e commerce sites and also in stand alone systems. We work with Microsoft Access, mySQL, and Microsoft Server databases.

We have designed and implemented systems for some small companies that had unique needs for which there no standard packages. We have used the following langusges, BBx, Microsoft access, Vb, and SQL server.

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Here is a sample of some of the systems we have created.

Material Management System


A system designed track and maintain production on large jobs from the quotes, to the Material Management System

. Requisition forms . The system then prepares a Purchase Order based on the requisition, which is then sent to the production department for manufacture. This system was unique because each piece produced was unique and required different assemblies and parts.

Construction Jobs


A system designed to manage materials as they are assigned to different construction sites. The system tracks the costs, dates and usage of materials as they apply to specific job sites and customer requirements. The system tracks and notes inventory, Refresh and used materials with the applied costs.


This is a simple invoicing system that recorded invoices, tracked taxes where applicable . The system is currently being updated. The system prints invoices and tracks customer payments.


eTicketing was designed to manage a ticketing system in a small park that held events in their open air theater. The system tracked ticket sales and customers, recorded seating facitities and maintained contacts for mailings for future performances. Designed to manage a ticketing system in a small park that held events in their open air theater.

Blow Off Duster


A great product to removes dust from electronics and more. Use on computers to remove dust and particles from your keyboard. Remove particles from workbench and tools, printers and photo equipment. Call Telephone:(941) 255-1823 to order your supply.

Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes


The quick and easy way to clean electronic equipment. Our non-abrasive, oil and wax free formula efectively eliminates static charges and repels harmful dust. Can be used on Tablets/Cameras, Smartphones/Music Players, LCD,LED & Plasma screens and notebooks.

Call Telephone:(941) 255-1823 to order your supply.